Member of Latvian Saeima: “Armenian leadership should answer in international court for missile shelling at Ganja”

Member of Latvian Saeima Roman Naudinsh is in Ganja

© APA | Member of Latvian Saeima Roman Naudinsh is in Ganja

# 09 June 2021 13:07 (UTC +04:00)

“I believe that an investigation will be conducted within a short period of time and criminals will be punished. Criminals must absolutely answer. The world community should judge all military actions, committed against the civil Azerbaijani people and criminals must be punished. I extend condolences to families of all dead people on behalf of Latvian Parliament,” said head of group, promoting Saeima of the Republic of Latvia for cooperation with Azerbaijani Parliament Roman Naudinsh, who has visited the building area of Ganja that was destructed as a result of Armenian missile strikes, APA’s local bureau reports.

R. Naudinsh stressed that missile strikes of Armenian militants on Ganja are a crime.

He noted that Latvia was closely following the events in the days Azerbaijan liberated its historical territories: “We hope that world community will make very serious political pressure on political leadership of Armenia. Many years ago different sanctions had to be imposed on Armenia’s political leadership for preventing war, for returning historical lands to Azerbaijan without firing a shot. If the international community did that, it would be possible to avoid war and prevent the destruction of buildings in Ganja. International community should also confess its guilt that political means were not used enough against political leadership of Armenia.

R. Naudinsh stressed that inflicting rocket fire in Ganja located far away from frontline is a terrorist act: “Terrorists should also be judged. The Armenian political leadership should be brought before an international court, and they should be held accountable for this act. This will also be in favor of Armenian state, Armenia currently lives in state of complete isolation. Armenia can open borders with Turkey and Azerbaijan, may live in a friendly condition, can restore trade relations. Look, how Latvia and Estonia in a friendly condition.

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