Dmitry Savelyev condemns what Delyagin said about Azerbaijan

Dmitry Savelyev

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# 31 March 2022 12:17 (UTC +04:00)

Unfortunately, some officials do not always account for what they have said before public, said Dmitry Savelyev, Member of State Duma of the Russian Federation, head of Russia-Azerbaijan Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group while commenting on the emotional statments of Delyagin in the broadcasting of the state svhannel, APA's Moscow bureau reports.

According to him, any emotions and personal options must remain personal, because any statement of the official person for the large audience seems as the position of the government represented by that person: "Showing with the subsequent apologies and explanations that this is his purely personal opinion, does not change the situation much.This is especially dangerous in the current period that our community has serious need to stability and guarantees. In terms of agreements reached with Azerbaijan, the situation also does not seem well. Recall that in February, Russian and Azerbaijani presidents have signed a Declaration on allied Interaction that the first paragraph emphasizes that relations between our countries are based on mutual respect and non-interference in each other's internal affairs, as well as the peaceful settlement of disputes".