Azerbaijani NGOs appealed to Human Rights Watch, Freedom House and Amnesty International

Azerbaijani NGOs appealed to Human Rights Watch, Freedom House and Amnesty International
# 28 July 2020 19:03 (UTC +04:00)

Non-governmental organizations functioning in Azerbaijan have addressed an appeal to the executive director of the Human Rights Watch organization Kennet Rot, the president of the Freedom House organization Michael Abramovits and the general secretary of the Amnesty International organization Kumi Naidu, the public relations section of the Council of State Support to NGOs told APA.

The authors of the appeal expressed their concern in regard to the targeting of the peaceful protest demonstrations of Azerbaijanis and applying physical force against them by the Armenian nationalists and the Diaspora members in several countries during the recent days.

It was reminded in the appeal that during July 12-17 of this year, Armenia violated ceasefire on the site of Tovuz region of Azerbaijan-Armenia border where the routes of a number of international economic and energy projects are passing through that is absolutely far from the front line of the occupied Nagorno Garabagh, attacked the Azerbaijani posts and killed our high-rank officers and soldiers including our civil resident. The military aggression committed by Armenia against our country during the period of the coronavirus pandemic has caused the rightful protest of our compatriots living abroad and proceeding from this, they are staging their protest against this aggression in the countries of their citizenship.

“Unfortunately, the initiative of Azerbaijanis holding peaceful demonstrations in accordance with the laws of the countries where they live, to convey the true voice to the civilized world has been met with moral and physical terror by representatives of the Armenian diaspora which is in close contact with the Armenian leadership. Starting from July 21, Armenians organize attacks to our compatriots who hold peaceful rallies in Los Angels, in Brussel, the capital of Belgium, in Paris, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, and other countries, Azerbaijanis are being persecuted by Armenian nationalists in those cities and they are seriously injured.”

The authors of the appeal said that all these attacks were aimed at calling for terror against Azerbaijanis on social networks and thus aggravating the situation, distracting the world community from Armenia's attack on Tovuz: "Armenian nationals grossly violating the laws of the countries where they live, organized an attack on Azerbaijani embassies and diplomatic missions abroad and seriously injured the buildings and staff of embassies. In many actions, photos of Armenian youth wearing the emblem of the terrorist organization ASALA and military uniforms were recorded.

International organizations, especially international NGOs specializing in the protection of human rights, such as sizing, continue to remain indifferent to this atrocity, vandalism and gross violations of human rights and freedoms, as evidenced by photos and videos.

Your silence and indifference is not only perceived with surprise but also causes serious concern and questions among Azerbaijani NGOs. How can it be that the organizations you lead immediately react to the slightest violations of the law, and you demonstrate international solidarity in this regard, but you close your eyes to the open violence and crimes committed by Armenians against Azerbaijanis in front of your eyes and your offices?

Are you not at all interested in the violated rights of Azerbaijanis who have suffered as a result of attacks during demonstrations and protests agreed in accordance with local law? Your silence leads to the expansion of the geography of hate crimes committed by Armenian nationalists and the aggravation of their consequences."

With this in mind, the NGO sector of Azerbaijan calls on international organizations to condemn the physical terror, violence, hate crimes committed by Armenian nationalists against peaceful Azerbaijanis in these countries.

It should be noted that the appeal was accepted by 891 NGOs operating in Azerbaijan.