Russian politician Aleksey Malachenko: “By exaggerating Ramil Safarov’s issue, Armenian government only shows its foolishness” - INTERVIEW

Russian politician Aleksey Malachenko: “By exaggerating Ramil Safarov’s issue, Armenian government only shows its foolishness” - <font color=red>INTERVIEW</font>
# 17 September 2012 11:07 (UTC +04:00)
“The rapid escalation of terrorist acts in the North Caucasus may cause insecurity in the region”

Moscow. Farid Akberov – APA. APA’s special corersporndent in Moscow has interviewed the member of Moscow Karnegi Central Scientific Departrment, professor and famous politican Aleksey Malashenko:

-What is your opinion on the hysterics of the Armenian government concerning the extradition of Ramil Safarov to Azerbaijan and his pardoning?

- The reaction shown by the Armenian government concerning the extradition of Ramil Safarov to Azerbaijan and his pardoning may be only eaccepted as foolishness. The fact the the Armenian government blows this issue out of proportion just shows its stupidity. Why do they create such a background of this event?” Why do they stop the diplomatic relations with Hungary? I consider that the policy pursued by the Armenian government possesses a very primitive character. If Armenia wants to condemn Azerbaijan and Hungary, it must identify more serious pretexts.

-In this period of time when the whole world struggles against terrorism, the Armenian terrorist organization ASALA has obviously threatened Azerbaijanis living abroad in front of the public community last week. How can you comment it?

- This issue has fallen into the hands of this terrorist organization ASALA. We must prevent them using this pretext.

- What do you think of the probability of war between Azerbaijan and Armenia after the incidents occurred around Ramil Safarov?

- In my opinion, the war will not occur, because there is no winner of this war. The external forces also play a significant role here. Anyone’s victory is not necessary to Russia, the US and Europe. If the Nagorno Karabakh war starts, it will be a great blow to the world community. At present, the negotiations processes reached its deadlock. But the problems will be solved peacefully sooner or later. Consensus will be found for this problem.

- How do you comment on the war rhetoric by both sides?

- I consider that, the both sides chant war rhetoric according to their own policy.

-How would you comment on the ongoing processes in the Northern Caucasus? Do you think that radical Islamists killing authoritative religious persons are an indicator of Islam’s weakening in the region?
- The assassination of Sufi Sheikh Said Afandi Atsayev, one of the authoritative religious persons of Dagestan, was expected. The radicals in Dagestan have chosen this direction – the assassination of authoritative religious persons. They have been continued these actions for years. They first killed Abubakarov, one of the authoritative sheikhs, then Bastanov. After these persons, Sirajuddin Khurigski and Said Afandi Chirkeyvski were killed. I consider that, the radicals will continue these actions. But I have such a question. One of the authoritative religious persons of Dagestan was killed. But his assassination was not caused a serious reaction. About 150 000 people attended his funeral. It was suspected as revenge. But it didn’t occur. We know that he has many students and followers. They are very authoritative in Dagestan. I consider that the government has a great role in their calmness. But there is another problem. If the actions and attacks by radicals are not responded, thn they would their chance?! They will think that everybody is afraid of them. It very surprising, a great terror act against Islam in the region remains unresponsive.

They think that in the Northern Caucasus, they will be able to do anything they want and that they are too strong. This is very dangerous.

The situation in the region will depend on the policy the government pursues. We will witness how the government controls existing situation. Will the government achieve a dialogue between the Salafits and traditional Islamists? Generally, not only in Dagestan but also in the whole northern Caucasus the number of terrorist attacks has increased recently. And this could be very dangerous for the entire region.

- According to experts the war in Dagestan has already started and that Russia is not controlling the situation. Is this a right fact?

The civil war in Dagestan has been continuing more than 10 years. But the lost side is still unknown. The federal government is suspected to be afraid of such a situation and that’s why tries to solve the problem through negotiations. The current situation in Dagestan is not good as Kremlin says. The situation is too bad there. There is a conflict between the Federal structures and the people.

- Would it be right to compare the situation in Dagestan with the Tatarstan events?

The terror act in Tatarstan was unexpected for many people. As Tatarstan is region where there is an inter-regional dialogue. On the other hand Radical Islamists control over a huge area of this country. Many experts consider that the terror in the region will increase. As Radical Islamists, also, take majority of mosques under their control. Muslims have established their own international Muslims society in Tatarstan as well as Saratov, Ulyanovsk. Those Muslims are are mainly of Caucasus and central Asia origin. Tatars are also represented in the same osociety with them. All the conflicts in Tatarstan are organized by them. When it comes to the influence of the situation in Tatarstan on Chechnya and Dagestan we must say that there is a definite influence. But this is formal. Yes, Doku Umarov has already declared sbout the formation of “Idyll region”. Some people from Chechnya and Dagestan come to propagandize there. But the Salafits ideas are rapidly expanding in Tatarstan. The events show that the religious situation will not be as stabile as before. The latest two terror acts give the radical an opportunity to feel themselves strong. This not a good tendency at all and such a tendency in Tatarstan in the heart of Russia would cause dangerous events.

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