First deputy chairman of Azerbaijani Parliament: “Zhirinovski is a vulture that is out for blood”

First deputy chairman of Azerbaijani Parliament: “Zhirinovski is a vulture that is out for blood”
# 17 September 2012 08:19 (UTC +04:00)
Baku. Parvin Abbasov – APA. The first deputy chairman of the Azerbaijani Parliament Ziyafat Asgarov commented on the chairman of Russian Liberal and Democratic Party Vladimir Zhirinovski’s calls on Armenians for terror acts against Azerbaijan and Azerbaijanis.

APA reports quoting the parliament’s website that the statement says member of the Russian State Duma Vladimir Zhirinovski has chanted offensive words against Azerbaijan and Turkey: “Everybody knows his political face. “This clown’s opinion is not a surprise for anybody. The opinions of this disguised juggler, who introduced himself as “liberal democrat” in the rally on September 14, in Moscow by “Russian-Armenia Union” against Ramil Safarov, show his personality. The recent events show that, Zhirinovksi is not only clown, but also a vulture”

Vladimir Zhirinovski made immoral, graceless and irresponsible statements against Azerbaijan, which is contrary to the Azerbaijani-Russian friendship.

Z. Asgerov said that Zhirinovski confirmed once more that he is one of those politicians that support terrorism:” there is no parliament that a member of it obviously declares that he wants to kill the representatives of a definite nation?

Zhirinovski also threaten the territorial integrity of Georgia and calls Armenians in Javakhetia to struggle for their lands.

This man who supports terrorism and separatism, calls for a war, doesn’t respect the territorial integrity of any states shouldn’t be a member of Russian parliament. Doesn’t this man know what to do? What does he want with calling for a terror against Azerbaijan and Azerbaijanis in the center of Moscow?

Actually, he will not be able to harm the relations between Azerbaijan and Russia with his crazy thoughts. But this clown must not be allowed to misuse democracy and word freedom. The Russian government stays on a quite high level in compare with such a person.
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