Azerbaijani MNS responds terrorist threats of ASALA – INTERVIEW

Azerbaijani MNS responds terrorist threats of ASALA – <font color=red>INTERVIEW</font>
# 13 September 2012 15:26 (UTC +04:00)
Baku. Gulshan Hajiyeva – APA. Armenian terrorist organization ASALA has been threatening Azerbaijani diplomats and students studying abroad. The Head of the public affairs center of the Ministry of National Security Arif Babayev spoke to APA.

-The statements of Armenian terrorist organization on threatening Azerbaijani diplomats, as well as students studying abroad causes anxiety. What are the bodies of special service doing towards this direction?

-All necessary adequate measures are being carried out for preventing possible threats against the national interests and security of Azerbaijan. The condition of the fulfilled works is intensively being controlled.

-Could you explain the concrete measures to be taken?

-The Ministry of National Security are attentively pursuing and analyzing all possible threats and dangers against our country and taking preventive measures. I would like to underline that Azerbaijani people and state is known worldwide for its tolerance and humanism. We have always been victims of terror and constantly struggle against terrorism and all its forms. Our country is now one of the most active members of the international coalition against terrorism. We would like to warn those who intend to make wrong steps and half-baked attempt. Their efforts might lead them to the end of their existence. There is such a conception of line. If somebody crosses that line, he or she will immediately feel the hate and anger of the Azerbaijani people.

Those who threaten Azerbaijan with terror, should not only dare to think about it, but also be as interested in preventing the intentions and plans of the third or fourth parties who set themselves similar goals.