Turkish media: “Unmanned aircraft downed in Azerbaijan belongs to Israel and it implemented intelligence flight connected with Iran

Turkish media: “Unmanned aircraft downed in Azerbaijan belongs to Israel and it implemented intelligence flight connected with Iran
# 17 September 2011 10:05 (UTC +04:00)
According to information, the unmanned intelligence aircraft fell in fact not shot by Armenians and it belonged not to Azerbaijan, but to Israel.

Newspaper notes that there is not any recognition mark in the information spread by Armenians showing relation between the unmanned aircraft and Azerbaijan. Some points in the investigations conducted in connection with the incident draw attention. The sources close to the Turkish diplomacy say that the fell unmanned aircraft belongs to Israel.

Diplomatic source told the newspaper that unmanned aircraft belongs to Israeli Air Forces: “The aircraft got off the military base located in Armenia or in the occupied Karabakh territory and implemented intelligence flight in connection with Iran. So, Azerbaijani occupied territories became not only drug transit, terror bases, but at the same time, a base for secret operations and military intelligence for Armenians. The source says at present, Israel conducts intelligence works by unmanned aerial vehicles over the entire Middle East countries.

“Some questions occur here. For example: “Why the incident happened on September 12 was made public after two days?”, reports the newspaper.

The article reads that on June 26, 2011, unmanned vehicles of Azerbaijan was demonstrated during military parade held in Baku. Azerbaijani flag has been engraved on these vehicles: “While looking through the pictures, the information about that the Armenians shot down an unmanned aerial vehicle of Azerbaijan, bursts like a bubble. “Destroyed aircraft” does not look as if it was shot down. There is no trace of fire and projectile holes. But seen another - the device was destroyed only because of a collision on the ground”.

Another assumption is related to the fact that the video of the crashed vehicle shows the emblem of “NovAtel” company, operating in Canada. The newspaper reports that “NovAtel” produces systems with greater precision. Israel has purchased from this company DGPS systems for unmanned vehicles a new generation of “Hermes 1500”, “Hermes 900”, and “Hermes 180”. Israel sold to Azerbaijan only devices such as “Hermes 450”, which do not use “NovAtel” systems.

Note that, during the military parade Azerbaijan mainly demonstrated types of unmanned vehicles “Aerostar” and “Orbiter-2M”. It is also reported that Azerbaijan bought from Israel and UAV type of “Hermes 450”.
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