Fuad Musayev: Azerbaijan can receive Armenian football team

Fuad Musayev: Azerbaijan can receive Armenian football team
# 07 February 2007 16:22 (UTC +04:00)
Azerbaijan Football Federations Association (AFFA) former president Fuad Musayev interviewed by the APA-Sport agency

- What changes happened in Azerbaijan’s football after you quitted presidency of AFFA?
- Our football is in bad condition. Everyone does whatever he wants. The Government, Youth and Sport Ministry keeps silence. Once I suggested by help to Ramiz Mirzayev, but he got angry. The first secretary of Central Committee in the USSR period was engaged in football. I paid attention to “Neftchi� football team in 1980. Nobody is concerned why the national team loses games and why 8-9 professional footballers have not been involved in the team since 2003. Are they bad players? Mahmud Gurbanov, Emin Guliyev, Aftandil Hajiyev, Reshad Sadigov, Zaur Tagizadeh, Ferrukh Ismayilov are stronger footballers than those who play in the team at present.
- But they are accused of causing provocation in the team…
- Who can deliberately lose the game? There were a lot of provocations during our period. Footballers were not allowed to the team. A lot of people wanted the national team to lose the game. When the team lost the game, Fuad Musayev was considered guilty. National team does to belong to the Diniyev. I spent much time with the national team. I was aware of the footballers’ living conditions. How can these footballers make provocation? It is nonsense.
- Are you satisfied with the level of Azerbaijani championship?
- No, National team was stronger in 1997. 70-80% of footballers are from Ganja. But Ganja, the second biggest city of the country is not represented in the championship. What can Karvan football club with 10 legionaries contribute to the Azerbaijani football? Why does Spanish national team have no results? Because legionaries play in championships.
- Do you support the decision on the limit on legionary?
- This is the right decision, but not new. According to our decision made in 1992, only three legionaries could play in the clubs. But the clubs had no money to bring legionaries. They have made a decision without consulting with the clubs. If the clubs had complained to FIFA, AFFA could have been punished. The clubs have signed contracts with all legionaries and gave them money. This decision should be brought into force in 2008, after the clubs make necessary preparations.
- What do you think about nationalization of legionaries?
- There were legionaries in our national team in 1994-1995. After USSR’s collapse FIFA president Jozef Blatter told the footballers from all Post Soviet countries that they are free in choosing team. According to the decision, Therefore Deny Gaysumov, Narvik Sirkhayev played in our team. Now the legionarties are nationalized. There is no law on dual citizenship in our country. The reason is Nagorno Karabakh problem. In case of dual citizenship, Karabakh Armenians can get Armenia’s citizenship. According to the constitution, the person who wants to get Azerbaijan’s citizenship, in first place should give up citizenship of his previous country. Then he should appeal to Interior Ministry and live in Azerbaijani territory for five years. Only after all these his citizenship problem can be considered.
- What about rumours about your resign before latest elections to the AFFA leadership?
- I offered my resignation in 1999. At that time I allowed Turan and “ANS_Pivani� clubs to play in the championship. I talked to Prosecutor General Eldar Hasanov for four hours and said that I will not attend the meeting of EC if the teams are not allowed to play. I offered my resignation to EC, but ex-secretary general did not read the letter till the end and informed the participants about my resignation. I did not go to work for two days; they did not accept my resignation.
- Do you have great amount of capital in foreign banks?
- They have checked all bank accounts and wrote that I have $ 47000 in my account. Why do not they say now? Income of AFFA’ budget was $ 8 923 120 during 1996-2003. We spent $4m of it to Shafa stadium. We were accepted to FIFA membership in 1994. During that period we borrowed money to go to congress in Zurich. The government did not support us, but Turkey helped us without any money.
- Would you resign if the government offered?
- They have established football league in 1995 and Alekber Mammadov was announced the president of alternative AFFA that was founded later. All these harmed me. I was not punished up to now. In Russia Vyacheslav Koloskov was called to president’s office and offered to resign. But no-one talked me on this theme.
- Have you tried to meet with the President?
- I have written letters. I asked to meet with the President, but I was not allowed. I built Neftchi base but they turned it to restaurant, then I built Shafa stadium but they ruined it. They say that the stadium was built in 2004, no, it was built in 2001. Togrul Hajiyev is a liar.
- Did you expect that you will be awarded after your resignation?
- In all other civil states former president is warded Honour president tile. but it did not happen in our country.
- Can “Shefa� stadium be rented for a long period?
- Yes, it can.
- Were national team members awarded during your office term?
- Yes, of course! I gave $3 000 to every player after the draw with Portugal. They were paid $20 every day in the team.
- How well was your attitude to the coaches?
- I paid $40 thousand, plus $500 per month to Igor Ponomoryov. Then he wanted me to double his salary. I agreed in one condition that he would take 3rd place among 5 teams. But he didn’t agree. I knew that if we remain outsider of the group, he is of no use as a coach.
- Where do you offer to hold Azerbaijan-Armenia match?
- I cannot understand why to raise this agiotage? We face Armenians in other kinds of sport, anyway. Teymour Radjabov played against Armenian grandmaster and lost. I think AFFA should have waited. Fuad Esedov says we won’t allow Armenians to Baku even if we are removed from UEFA. I wonder who gave him the right to speak on behalf of Azerbaijan. It is possible to hold matches in closed fields. If we don’t want to play Armenian anthem and raise its flag, let’s don’t allow it. Let FIFA and UEFA punish Azerbaijan for that. But removal from high organizations is much worse.
- Is it possible to cancel the match against Armenia?
- Everything is possible. But we should play against them. Secretary General speaks on behalf of Azerbaijan and says “let them remove us�. It is impossible because we face Armenians in other sports. Why Turkish team plays meets South Cyprus? Nevertheless Turkey is not admitted to the European Union for Cyprus problem. The regulations note that football should be separated from politics.
- How blameful it is to allow Armenians to Baku?
- It has nothing to do with sport. FIFA and UEFA don’t accept such opinions. We should have been quitted after the draw. Armenians would probably have refused to come to Baku.
- But football is a mass sport…
- Armenians should have raised the issue not we. This problem should be solved at governmental level. Federation cannot solve it alone. I think the problem has been solved. But it is dangerous to utter “they may remove us if they want�. If we are removed, we cannot be admitted again. The match may be held a closed condition as a World Championship in Chili in 1962. Play in other place if you refuse to play in Baku.
- Were you invited to the 40th anniversary of “Neftchi�?
- I wasn’t invited, though I have spent half of my life to this team. I organized the food, house and cars of players. What did I get? I took part in the “sunnet� wedding of Terlan Ahmedov’s son. The players participating at the event came and shook my hand. We’ll see whether Federation officials will be treated that way.
- How has your predecessor Ramiz Mirzeyev taken up football?
- I invited him to Neftchi. I did him a president of the club. He asked me to help him to form a team. I agreed but said that they will play in the first group. He didn’t agree. He wanted to be in group A. Then I remembered that Neftchi was in a bad condition. Agil Pashayev didn’t want to work any more. I met him and told him Mirzeyev’s intention. They agreed. Agil Pashayev gave the club to Ramiz Mirzeyev. Besides, I made Ruad Esedov be appointed deputy minister of road construction.
-What did you do after the resignation?
-Just, nothing. I have waited if there is a proposal. I have worked in government post for several years. I have rested for 1-2 years. But it is hard for a working man to be left without money. I cannot find a job. And I cannot go outside. Construction is everywhere. I have worked on the main plan of the city. I know all the projects in Baku by heart. And I see they are wrong. So, I go to the country to the sanatoriums. It is good that pensions have been raised. We were paid just AZN44 before. /APA/