Somalia’s president's son can be extradited to Türkiye

Somalia’s president
# 14 December 2023 12:36 (UTC +04:00)

Somalia’s president says his son didn’t flee Türkiye after he was involved in a fatal highway crash in Istanbul, and adds that he has advised his son to go back and present himself to court, which has issued an arrest warrant, APA reports citing The Associated Press.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud said in an interview with that his 40-year-old son, who is a doctor, stayed at the scene of the crash and remained in Istanbul for several days afterward.

“It was an accident. He did not run away, and he hired a lawyer for this purpose,” the president said. “And there was no arrest warrant. So, he has a business and he came out of the country.”

Yunus Emre Gocer, a 38-year-old motorcycle courier, died in a hospital Dec. 6, six days after he was hit by a car driven by the president’s son, Mohammed Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, on a busy highway in Istanbul.