Pro-Armenian parliamentarian in Britain forced to declare financial interests after leak reveals links to anti-Islam activists

Baroness Cox, a pro-Armenian parliamentarian of the House of Lords in Britain

© APA | Baroness Cox, a pro-Armenian parliamentarian of the House of Lords in Britain

# 25 February 2023 19:35 (UTC +04:00)

Baroness Cox, a pro-Armenian parliamentarian of the House of Lords in Britain has been forced to declare financial interests following a huge leak of documents that also revealed her links to prominent anti-Islam activists, APA reports citing Sky News.

Baroness Cox said her failure to register support from the not-for-profit company Equal and Free Limited - which was used to pay for her parliamentary researcher - was an "oversight".

The crossbench peer also failed to declare that she was an unpaid director of the company.

Minutes of meetings obtained by the anti-racism campaign group Hope not Hate and shared with Sky News reveal that Equal and Free Limited has received funding from an American organisation run by two evangelical philanthropists.

Based in Los Angeles, Fieldstead and Company handles the donations of Howard Ahmanson Jr and his wife Roberta Ahmanson, and focuses support on "religious liberty issues" as well as art, culture and humanitarian relief work.

In a 2011 interview with Christianity Today, Mrs Ahmanson said: "We are probably the single largest supporter of the intelligent design movement, and have been since the beginning."

Intelligent design argues that aspects of life are best explained by the involvement of a higher being rather than evolution.

The couple has also been linked to orthodox Christian groups and political campaigns against same-sex marriage.

While parliamentary rules require peers to disclose support received from outside organisations, they are not required to detail where funding originated from initially.

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