EU ambassadors fail to strike oil sanctions deal - sources

EU ambassadors fail to strike oil sanctions deal - sources
# 30 May 2022 15:36 (UTC +04:00)

EU ambassadors have again not reached an agreement about sanctions on Russian oil imports, according to diplomatic sources, APA reports citing BBC.

They held a meeting in Brussels on Monday morning after failing to find a way forward on a sixth sanctions package on Sunday night.

Various options have been discussed in recent weeks - with the latest compromise plan looking at targeting seaborne oil first and leaving pipelines until later.

Officials had hoped to reach a deal by Monday afternoon when EU leaders will gather in Brussels for an extraordinary summit.

While it’s thought leaders are unlikely to make progress on the very detailed, technical aspects of the proposals - and it’s not even specifically on the agenda - certain member states may well raise the issue, in the room or bilaterally.

Ukraine’s President Zelensky is also due to dial into the summit.

Last week, he expressed frustration at delays: “But where did those who block the sixth package get so much power?”

While landlocked countries such as Slovakia and the Czech Republic have asked for longer phase-out periods, due to their dependence on Russian pipeline oil, Hungary is widely seen as the main obstacle to a deal.

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban, wrote to the European Council last week saying he thought oil sanctions should not even be discussed by leaders as it would only highlight divisions.

The Hungarian government has compared an oil ban to dropping a nuclear bomb on its economy.

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