Court in Ukraine allowed the arrest of Viktor Yanukovych

Viktor Yanukovych

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# 23 May 2022 19:21 (UTC +04:00)

The Ukrainian court allowed the arrest of the country’s ex-president Viktor Yanukovych for signing the “Kharkov agreements” in 2010 on the presence of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation in Crimea, APA reports citing The News Glory.

This was announced on Monday, May 23, by the press service of the office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine in the Telegram channel.

“On May 23, the Pechersky District Court of Kyiv chose a measure of restraint for the former president of Ukraine in the form of detention in criminal proceedings on the circumstances of his committing high treason,” the report says.

The Kharkiv Agreements were signed in April 2010. They extended the stay of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation after 2017 for 25 years with the possibility of a subsequent extension of this period.

On January 28, 2021, the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) of Ukraine charged Yanukovych with high treason. According to investigators, the agreements signed in Kharkiv on the conditions for the stay of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation harmed the sovereignty and territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine.

On February 20, 2014, a shooting took place on the Maidan in Kyiv, during which 53 people were killed. The Ukrainian authorities blamed Viktor Yanukovych, then head of the country, for what happened. After the coup d’état that took place in February 2014, the politician, fearing for his life, left the country. He was granted temporary asylum in Russia.

The new authorities accused him of abuse of power, treason, and organizing violent crimes against participants in mass protests in 2014.

Yanukovych was sentenced in absentia to 13 years in prison. The politician himself does not admit his guilt. His lawyers filed an appeal against the verdict.

Crimea returned to Russia following a referendum in 2014.