British MFA warns Russia over Ukraine

Liz Truss, UK Foreign Secretary

© APA | Liz Truss, UK Foreign Secretary

# 06 January 2022 18:52 (UTC +04:00)

Britain warned Moscow on Thursday that it was working with Western partners on high-impact sanctions targetting Russia’s financial sector should it invade Ukraine, APA reports citing Euronews.

“We will not accept the campaign Russia is waging to subvert its democratic neighbours,” Foreign Secretary Liz Truss told parliament. “They have falsely cast Ukraine as a threat to justify their aggressive stance.”

“Russia is the aggressor here,” Truss said. “NATO has always been a defensive alliance.”

Truss said that any further military incursion into Ukraine by Russia would bring “massive consequences, including coordinated sanctions to impose a severe cost on Russia’s interests and economy.”

“The UK is working with our partners on these sanctions,” Truss said.