MPs call for nationwide response to anti-Azerbaijan campaign

MPs call for nationwide response to anti-Azerbaijan campaign
# 03 April 2018 12:17 (UTC +04:00)

Many of those who go to Europe and curse Azerbaijan are young people studying there, MP Eldar Ibrahimov said at a parliamentary meeting on Tuesday, APA reports.

He noted that this is a very huge mistake on the part of these young people.

“I saw what happened when our colleague Adil Aliyev held an event there and I regretted. Who are they? They are the ones we sent there to study. Of course, we also have shortcomings. No state is error-free, not just deputies, but everybody should respond to such ugly people. Shame on those who insult Azerbaijan,” Ibrahimov said.

MP Aghajan Abiyev said that it is wrong to name those who insult Azerbaijan as Azerbaijani.

"They are not Azerbaijani. Rather they are enemies of Azerbaijan. Every Azerbaijani should "curse" them,” the MP said.

Chairman of the law policy and state building committee of the Azerbaijani Parliament Ali Huseynli, said that everyone should know that insults addressed to Azerbaijan’s president and the Azerbaijani authorities are addressed to the people as well.

"We must demonstrate solidarity about this issue. To have been born and raised here is not the principal condition to be Azerbaijani. Some people are far from the ideology of Azerbaijanism. In Europe, there are those who are far from Azerbaijan’s national interests. Our solidarity also demonstrates our uncompromising position against the insults by showing our commitment to the country, to the president. Everyone's position regarding this issue is the people’s position,” he said.

Parliament Speaker Ogtay Asadov said that those people do not have the bravery characteristic of the Azerbaijani people.