"Rey" Monitoring Center announces pre-election survey results

"Rey" Monitoring Center announces pre-election survey results
# 09 April 2018 13:52 (UTC +04:00)

"Rey" Monitoring Center has announced the results of the survey held in Azerbaijan in early April ahead of the presidential election.

The survey showed that 68 percent of the respondents will definitely take part in the voting. Another 10 percent noted that they "would rather" take part, only five percent unequivocally said that they would not cast vote and another five percent said that "they would rather not go."

Meanwhile, eight percent has not yet decided whether they will vote. Four percent of the respondents abstained from answering.

The majority, 83.5 percent of the respondents, who will participate in the presidential election on April 11 in Azerbaijan, will vote for incumbent president Ilham Aliyev, according to the survey.

As for other presidential candidates, two percent of the respondents said they intend to vote for Gudrat Hasanguliyev, 1.7 percent - for Sardar Mammadov, 1.6 percent - for Hafiz Hajiyev, 1.6 percent - for Faraj Guliyev, 0.9 percent - Zahid Oruj, 0.7 percent - for Araz Alizade, 0.5 percent - Razi Nurullayev, 2.5 percent of the respondents noted that they would not vote for anyone, 2.3 percent did not yet decide on the candidate and 3.2 percent - abstained from answering.

To the question “Does Ilham Aliyev’s candidacy meet your interests?”, about 85 percent of the respondents answered “Yes”, 3 percent answered “No”, and 6 percent said “mainly not”. The remaining respondent found it difficult to answer this question.

To the question “Do you think the election will be fair and will its results reflect the will of the people?”, 48 percent of the respondents emphasized that they believe the election will be fair and the results will reflect the people’s will, 38 percent did not exclude minor violations but noted that they will not impact general results, and only 9 percent said “the government will distort the election results and they will not reflect the people’s will.” Other respondents abstained from answering.

The report was prepared on the basis of the results of 'omnibus' type of public opinion survey conducted on April 2-3, 2018. As many as 1,635 people aged 18 and over participated in the survey which was conducted by face-to-face interviews at places of residence. The relative error is +2.7 percent.

The survey, proportionally reflecting the social stratification, age and gender structure of the population, covered 48 residential areas in 10 socio-economic zones of Azerbaijan based on random sampling method.