Azerbaijani President: "This is the last warning"

Azerbaijani President: "This is the last warning"
# 13 February 2013 01:51 (UTC +04:00)

Baku-APA. "Implemented works in the regions are manifestation of public policy. Local executive power heads work efficiently and actively. However, in some cases, the actions of local authorities completely contrary to our public policy. They should realize their responsibilities".

According to APA, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said it at a conference on results of the 4th year of the implementation of the “State Program for socio-economic development of the regions of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2009-2013”.

The Head of State noted that the citizen of Azerbaijan should be respected everywhere: "Public agencies should normally deal with the citizens and not to insult and torment them. These cases are available? Yes, there are. Who does that? Government officials. Who can torment the citizen? Government official. This can not be tolerated", - President Aliyev said.

“By appointing any of executive power head I instruct them some key directions. Development, creation, productive work, humility and service to the people. I say to each of them. In some areas repeatedly deposed heads of executive powers because it fell short of confidence. Assigning each executive power head said, come, be a support to people to help them be considerate. Sometimes I do not see it, and when I do not see - take action", - Ilham Aliyev said.

The President noted that in some cases, the officials look down on people, "Do not reckon with citizens, insulted, and behave arrogantly. Sometime such cases occur, it’s necessary to eliminate such cases”.

The Head of State underlined that every officials should honorably fulfill their duties to serve the people to be modest: "In some cases, the modesty is out of the question. Organized a great feast, luxury weddings, and anniversaries. Does this government official? I marked my 50th anniversary in Agjabedi region, with internally displaced persons. That is my nature. I set the example, you must be so. Luxury weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, expensive gifts – all of these have to be stopped. This applies to both local authorities and the heads of central executive powers”, - President Aliyev said.

The President also touched upon the reports of family members of officials: "The officials’ children have become insolent, insult people, and can not behave themselves. Who has given them this status? I have appointed the persons who they rely on, and if necessary, I will dismiss them. If I ever find out that someone's family member behaves like a hooligan, that person will be arrested and his father dismissed. If I ever find out that someone's family member behaves like a hooligan, that person will be arrested and his father dismissed”, - Head of State said.

“In society, there are and must be rules of normal behavior. We as a people keep traditions, rules of conduct. Those who try to break them will get his punishment", - Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said.

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