Chairman of Azerbaijani Parliament's legal policy committee: The imposition of fines prevents the arrest of those detained in unauthorized demonstrations

Chairman of Azerbaijani Parliament
# 15 January 2013 16:01 (UTC +04:00)

Baku. Mubariz Aslanov - APA. “As the amendments to the Code of Administrative Offences on increasing fines for organizing and participating in unauthorized demonstrations came into force in Azerbaijan in January this year, they are imposed on all unauthorized demonstrations held after that date. The demonstrations held by the youth regarding the soldier's death is one of them," chairman of Azerbaijani Parliament's committee on legal policy and state-building Ali Huseynli told APA while commenting on high fines imposed on the persons detained in the demonstration held by the youth regarding the soldier's death.

Ali Huseynli said the author of the amendment made to the law and the commitee are right.

“The imposition of fines has prevented the arrests following the unauthorized demonstrations. Actually, economic sanctions have prevented arrests and problems caused by these arrests. In this regard, with these amendments this law has become more progressive, humane and has put an end to the concerns caused by the arrests. This problem was one of the factors that made the amendment necessary. Heretofore, arrests after unauthorized pickets, demonstrations caused problems,” he said.

Commenting on the "5 kopecks collection" campaign of the youth regarding the fines after the demonstration, Huseynli estimated it as their respect to the law: “The youth are approaching respectfully to the law compared to previous actions of the radical opposition and launching such an action to pay the fines. Regardless of the form, they gather to collect money. This demonstrates the effectiveness and prophylactic results of the law. So, next time when holding demonstration they will think about sanctioning and I’m sure that our young people will do it.”

A group of persons detained during the demonstration “Stop to soldier’s death” on January 12 were fined AZN 300-600 under the amendments made to the Code of Administrative Offences in Azerbaijan.