Parliament to approve Azerbaijan’s state budget for 2009, November 25

Parliament to approve Azerbaijan’s state budget for 2009, November 25
# 18 November 2008 15:14 (UTC +04:00)
Some of them wanted to include the solution of the problems of the regions they had been elected into the budget expenditures. It will damage the balance of the budget,” chairman of the parliament’s standing commission on social policy Hadi Rajabli told APA.
He said that the budget should link the expenses and profits. Rajabli said allocations for education would be more than the allocations for the army next year.
“This is natural. Education is priority,” he said.
Hadi Rajabli said though the budget expenses for 2009 was 11% more compared with the budget expenses of the recent years, allocations for social spheres increased.
“In this respect it is not right to increase budget expenses by individual proposals of the parliamentarians,” he said.

Rajabli said constructive proposals had also been put forward during the discussions.
“The proposals on mortgage loans are among the first.

Volume of mortgage loans will not be increased because rate of previous loans should be collected. Significant growth on proposals is not expected. If I am not wrong, growth is expected in the budget of State Social Protection Fund. Increasing of resources allocated from the fund’s budget for the treatment of people in the health centers and resorts can be forecasted. These resources will me amounted 200 thousand AZN approximately”.

The chairman of commission said living minimum would be 84 AZN, basic part of stipends - 80 AZN and average monthly salary – 353 AZN. “The average monthly salary is about 277 AZN now”.

Hadi Rajabli said the next year budget would be submitted to the parliament’s session on November 25.

The budget incomes for 2009 are forecasted to be 12 177 million AZN and expenditures – 12 335 million AZN. These figures exceed the analogical indications for 2008 by 16.1 and 11.7 percent.