Azerbaijan marks Day of Constitution

Azerbaijan marks Day of Constitution
# 12 November 2008 07:46 (UTC +04:00)
The main law of the state came into force on November 27, 1995. November 12 has been marked as Day of Constitution in Azerbaijan for 13 years.

The constitution adopted in 1995 is the first Constitution of independent Azerbaijan and in general the fourth constitution of the republic. Azerbaijan People’s Republic failed to adopt the main law of the state in 1918-1920. The history of Azerbaijan’s Constitution began during the Soviet period.

The first Constitution of Azerbaijan was adopted in the 1st All-Azerbaijani Congress of Councils on May 19, 1921. The Constitution of Azerbaijan SSR edited in accordance with the USSR Constitution 1921 was adopted in the 4th All-Azerbaijani Congress of Councils on March 14, 1925. The last Constitution of Azerbaijan SSR adopted on April 21, 1978 had also been complied with the USSR Constitution.

After Azerbaijan gained its independence there was a need for a new Constitution. Special commission was set up under the leadership of President Heydar Aliyev, referendum was held in connection with the draft constitution. The first Constitution of independent Azerbaijan was adopted in the referendum on November 12, 1995.

The Constitution consists of 12 chapters and 158 articles.

Annexes and amendments were made to the Constitution in the referendum in August, 2002.

Constitutional Court of Azerbaijan Republic was established on July 14, 1998.

Day of Constitution is marked as a holiday, but November 12 is a working day.

Note: Constitution is the supreme law of the state, has supreme legal power, reflects the principles of political, legal and economic systems of the state. Constitutions are mainly divided into two kinds: written and unwritten.

Written constitution is either a unique normative act, or a collection of several constitutional laws.

In unwritten constitutions supreme law is reflected in a great number of acts and traditions.

The first constitution in the world was adopted in England in 1215. The Magna Carta (The Great Charter) adopted in the country at that time is considered the first constitutional act. The U.S. Constitution is considered the first written supreme law.

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