Azerbaijani president: We have great respect for the memory of our great personalities

Azerbaijani president: We have great respect for the memory of our great personalities
# 21 February 2012 22:13 (UTC +04:00)
The head of state noted that in different periods of our great masters turned to the subject Koroglu. "The Koroglu Opera written by a brilliant composer Uzeyir Hajibeyli in the 1930, lives today and will live forever. Koroglu Overture sounds at all ceremonies. Along with our national anthem, the overture and now lives as an integral, a large value of the Azerbaijani people”, - He said.

”The Koroglu epic is very important tool in educating the young generation, as it must grow up in a spirit of patriotism. Citizens of independent Azerbaijan should love their motherland and the people. Koroglu, the great commander was a wonderful man who came from the people and lived for the people. At the same time Koroglu was a talented man - a poet. Once again I want to say it was inherent in the finest properties of the Azerbaijani people, and our youth must have deep knowledge of positive images of our past", - the President said.

The President noted that the monument Koroglu on the one hand, reflects the historical truth, but on the other - a monument Koroglu once again demonstrates the greatness of the Azerbaijani people.

"We have great respect for the memory of our great personalities. Just last year in Baku, were built monuments to a number of prominent personalities. In the past year were built the monuments of Ziverbay Ahmedbekov, Fikret Amirov. And today we celebrate the unveiling of the monument Koroglu. In the near future in Baku, the beautiful parts of our city are monuments to Babek, Kara Karaev, Bulbul. Have been given appropriate instructions", - he said.

According to the President, Koroglu was an outstanding personality, a great soldier and a citizen, who could not bear injustice and fought it. “Once again I want to say, we must educate the young generation in such good examples. I am very glad that the Azerbaijani youth patriotic, tied to the country, he loved her. Our citizens are proud of the fact that all of us - the citizens of Azerbaijan”, - he said.

According to him for twenty years, Azerbaijan has a long and glorious path, made great strides in all areas. It is national and spiritual values lie at the heart of our success. “We can create a strong economy, it is possible to have a strong presence in the region - although it does take a lot to try, but without the national and spiritual values, no country, no nation can not develop. Our advantage is that our young and strong nation is built on a solid foundation. Built on centuries of history and culture. National and spiritual values are the most important issue for us. Of course, we share common values. But the key for us is our national values of Azerbaijan” – Ilham Aliyev said.

The President said that the opening of this monument also contributed to improvement of a beautiful park. In Baku holds great creative work. Reconstructed and equipped with modern amenities all parks and gardens. For people who are excellent recreational facilities. Baku is indeed now one of the most beautiful cities in the world. In Baku, there is the historical beauty. The historic, old buildings give the beauty of our city. At the same time, the process of becoming successful in the modern city of Baku. Between these two areas should not be and there are no contradictions. As modern buildings and old Baku, should complement and supplement each other. "Making our city more beautiful - this is a very important issue for every citizen of Baku, to every citizen of Azerbaijan. Any visitor coming to Baku, admires the beauty of the city. Baku - our great national treasure, - he said.

The President also expressed his gratitude to the author of the monument, the sculptor Tokay Mammadov. "In 2009 I signed an executive order to install monuments in Baku Koroglu. Our talented sculptor Tokay Mammadov created a beautiful and majestic work. The process of selecting an appropriate location for the monument Koroglu. I really like to see in a beautiful corner of our city, was erected a beautiful and majestic monument, and today we are witnessing this historic event", - Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said.