Ukraine to hold presidential election today

Ukraine to hold presidential election today
# 25 May 2014 04:52 (UTC +04:00)

Former Foreign Minister Petro Poroshenko is considered the forerunner in the race, in which 21 candidates are running.

A new opinion poll shows Poroshenko leading with 33 percent, far more than other candidates. He is followed by former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko with 5.9 percent and former Deputy Prime Minister Serhiy Tihipko with 4.1 percent.

Poroshenko owns Ukraine's largest confectionary and is known as "the chocolate king". He helped finance the demonstrations that led to the ouster of President Viktor Yanukovych in February.

Tymoshenko led the Orange Revolution in 2004.

Tihipko is known for his moderate pro-Russian stance and enjoys high support in the east, where unrest continues.

One-fourth of those polled say they have not yet decided who they'll support in the election.

If Poroshenko fails to win a majority of votes, a runoff is scheduled for June 15th.

Balloting will start at 8AM and end at 8PM. Vote counting will begin as soon as the polls close.

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