Snowden's father urges him not to accept deal with US officials

# 14 August 2013 02:04 (UTC +04:00)

Lon Snowden said that his son should try to fight White House charges against him in a public trail.

“What I would like is for this to be vetted in open court for the American people to have all the facts,” said Mr. Snowden.

“What I have seen is much political theater,” he added.

Edward’s father made the remarks while appearing on ABC’s “This Week” along with his attorney, Bruce Fein.

Edward Snowden is a former contractor to CIA and US National Security Agency (NSA) who blew the whistle on White House’s mass spying programs via phone and the Internet on both foes and friends alike.

His revelations helped spark widespread debates as well as angry protests both in and outside the United States over the country’s mass surveillance programs.

Mr. Snowden defended his son’s decision to disclose the top secret documents to the media and not to the Congress. He argued that Edward had no other choice because he would have unlikely seen any action from influential Congress figures on intelligence matters like Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) or Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.).

“How do we think that he would have been received if he had a private audience with them,” he asked.

“We have seen how they reacted, even when the truth comes out, they spin the truth, they try to hide it from the American people. He would have been buried under the Capitol, and we would have never known the truth,” Snowden said.

During the program, Fein announced that Mr. Snowden would soon travel to Russia to visit his son in order to help him find a criminal defense attorney.

“We intend to visit with Edward and suggest criminal defense attorneys who have got experience in Espionage Act prosecutions,” he said.

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