UFOs may be a 'threat observation programme, ex-US Navy officer suggests

UFOs may be a
# 16 May 2021 16:39 (UTC +04:00)

Graves complained about people’s willingness to "ignore the fact" that UFOs are out there and are "watching us every day", APA reports citing Sputnik.

Speaking ahead of the upcoming release of the Pentagon’s report on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, former US Navy Lieutenant Ryan Graves opened up about his own alleged encounters with airborne objects of unclear origin.

According to CBS News, Graves revealed that he and other pilots of his F/A-18 fighter squadron detected "strange, maneuverable and unidentified objects" in the restricted airspace southeast of Virginia Beach.

These detections apparently occurred on a regular basis, taking place practically every day for two years straight starting in 2015, with Graves remarking that pilots eventually began taking them for granted.

While Graves called these objects a "threat to security", the media outlet notes, he said that pilots who witnessed UAP apparently have different opinions on what these objects might actually be, with "secret US technology" and "enemy observation platform" being some of the possible explanations.