Trump announces plans to hold Summit with China's Xi to conclude Trade Agreement

Trump announces plans to hold Summit with China
# 25 February 2019 11:05 (UTC +04:00)

US President Donald Trump has announced that "assuming both sides make additional progress", Washington will be planning a summit between him and Chinese president Xi Jinping at Mar-a-Lago to conclude a trade agreement between the two countries, ONA reports quoting Sputniknews.

The US President announced on his Twitter page that he will delay planned US increase in tariffs on Chinese goods, which was previously slated for March 1.

"As a result of these very productive talks, I will be delaying the U.S. increase in tariffs now scheduled for March 1," the US head of state said in a tweet.

He also stressed that Washington made a "substantial progress" in trade talks with China on issues such as intellectual property protection, technology transfer, agriculture, services and currency.

The latest round of US-China trade negotiations are currently taking place in Washington.

Earlier, media reported that US and Chinese officials were discussing a late March summit between Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping. On Friday, Trump said that the leaders might meet "fairly soon".