Super Moon to be observed tonight

Super Moon to be observed tonight
# 01 August 2023 16:28 (UTC +04:00)

There are two supermoons in August - the full Sturgeon Moon which rises on the evening of 1 August and the full Blue Moon on 30 August, APA reports citing BBC News.

The final supermoon in 2023 will rise on 29 September - the Harvest Moon.

The names are mostly English interpretations of Native American names; some are also Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, medieval English, or neo-pagan.

The names can have a spiritual meaning, such as the Sturgeon Moon, which is said to embody the final days of summer and signals the beginning of harvest season.

Technically, the Sturgeon Moon rises on 1 August, but it will still look full for the following couple of nights. It can be observed throughout the night starting at 19:23 (GMT+4) in the territory of Azerbaijan.

Weather conditions will not be good for viewing on Tuesday night but should be better on Wednesday night into Thursday.

As the Moon orbits the Earth in an elliptical shape rather than in a circle, its distance to us varies over time.

A supermoon is a phenomenon that occurs when a full Moon takes place at the same time as the perigee - when the Moon is closest to the Earth.

A full Moon during perigee will appear 14% larger and 30% brighter than a full Moon during apogee - this is when the Moon is furthest away from Earth, an event known as a micromoon.

A supermoon is also about 7% larger and 15% brighter than the average full moon.

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