South Azerbaijanis want to have programs teaching Azerbaijani language - MP

Ganira Pashayeva, Azerbaijani Deputy

© APA | Ganira Pashayeva, Azerbaijani Deputy

# 14 April 2023 14:13 (UTC +04:00)

"Azerbaijan's southern compatriots in the United States asked me to have programs teaching Azerbaijani language," Member of Azerbaijani Parliament Ganira Pashayeva said during the discussion of the selections of the candidates for the membership of the Broadcasting Council of the ITV -Public Television and Radio Broadcasting Company in the Milli Majlis Committee of Culture, APA reports.

"The issue that intellectuals from South Azerbaijan emphasize the most is that Northern Azerbaijanis know very little about their folklore. The southern Azerbaijanis have great creativity, projects, programs, and programs should be prepared in this direction, because these people serve the literature of Azerbaijan as a whole. Whether it is Borchali, Dagestan, Derbend, or Western Azerbaijan, it doesn't matter, the literature created there serves the Azerbaijani literature. It is important to promote those people and that literature on the television," she added.

The MP also emphasized the importance of programs related to Western Azerbaijan: "Programs that include folklore, historical figures, monuments, and other similar concepts of Western Azerbaijan should be multiplied. Most importantly, programs about our united history should be prepared in a right and consistent form."