Azerbaijani held captive in Shusha: Armenians killed prisoners and fed pigs with their corpses

Habib Kazimov, Azerbaijani captive

© APA | Habib Kazimov, Azerbaijani captive

# 15 August 2023 16:48 (UTC +04:00)

"I had fellow prisoners who were taken and were not brought back, saying they were involved in work," Habib Kazimov, who was in captivity in Shusha prison told APA.

According to him, his fellow prisoners were brutally killed and buried in the prison area:

"In 1992, I was captured in Gubadli district with a head injury. I was held captive in this Shusha prison for 1 year and 9 months. During my time in captivity, I was tortured. We are now witnessing that our fellow prisoners were brutally killed and buried here. In short, Armenians tortured Azerbaijanis in this prison. At that time, the water pool in the prison yard was full of water. During the winter, they would bring us after work and throw us into the pool. Here they killed the captives and fed the corpses to the pigs. They even hung our captive here. We saw that he was hanged and the pigs were eating his corpse from bottom to top…”

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