Deputy PM: "13 hydrologic stations to be installed in territories, liberated from occupation"

Shahin Mustafayev

© APA | Shahin Mustafayev

# 23 June 2021 13:11 (UTC +04:00)

"Re-assessment of water resources is very essential," said chairman of the Commission, which was established in order to ensure efficient use of the water resources, improve the management of the water economy and coordinate the activity in this field, Deputy Prime minister Shahin Mustafayev who is on a visit in Aghdam today, APA’s local bureau reports.

Deputy PM noted that current assessments are approximate: "Observation, exploration wells are considered to be drilled for specification of volume of underground waters, places of the wells will be determined. Works in this direction will firstly be done in Aghdam district too. It is very essential from a drinkable water point of view. Assessment of ground water reserves in the territories liberated from occupation is also important. Installation of 13 hydrologic stations has already been considered to this end. These places have also been determined. But there is a great need for coordination in this field too."

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