Defendants in case of Nardaran events waive lawyers

Defendants in case of Nardaran events waive lawyers
# 02 December 2016 15:18 (UTC +04:00)

Baku – APA. The Baku Court of Grave Crimes on Friday continued the trial of Taleh Baghirov, Fuad Gahramanli and other people who were arrested during a police operation in the township of Nardaran, some 25 km northeast of Baku, on Nov. 26 last year.

The accused did not take part in the hearing. Lawyer Nemat Karimli asked when they will attend the hearing.

Judge Alovsat Abbasov said that the accused will participate at the meeting when the court decides about it.

The lawyer said he wants to meet and consult with his defendant Abbas Huseynov. The judge said that they will be able to meet in the jail and the courtroom.

Lawyer Yalchin Imanov said that every time, the judge complains to the Bar Association about them.

Later on, the judge said that several witnesses and representatives of the killed police officers have sent a telegram to the court and said they did not want to attend the trial. So the court decided not to interrogate them. The judge also revealed the petitions made by attorneys last time, saying the attorneys made petitions for the interrogation of Karim Alimardanov, department head at the Main Directorate for Combating Organized Crime, Interior Minister Ramil Usubov and Chairman of the International Bank’s Board of Directors Jahangir Hajiyev.

The court paused for a break. After the break, the lawyers said the defendants had waived them.

The trial will be continued on December 12.

Taleh Baghirov is charged under paragraphs 120.2.1, 120.2.3, 120.2.4, 120.2.7, 120.2.12 of article 120 (premeditated murder), 29,120.2.1, 29,120.2.3, 29,120.2.4, 29,120.2.7, 29,120.2.12 29,120 of article 29,120(attempt to murder), under articles 228.3 (illegal purchase of firearms) and 228.4 (illegal possession of firearms). Taleh Bagirov was detained by law enforcement officials during a special operation in Nardaran settlement of Baku on 26 November. During the operation 60 people were detained. The case materials of some of them were sent to the Sabunchu District Court.

Deputy chairman of Azerbaijan Popular Front Party (APFP) Fuad Gahramanli was arrested on December 8, 2015.

He was brought to justice as a suspect under the Article 281.1 (public calls against the state), 283.2 (incitement of national, racial, social or religious enmity and hatred by using violence) and 220.2 (Appeals to active insubordination to legal requirements of representatives of authority and to mass disorders, as well as appeals to violence above citizens) of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan.