Russian Prosecutor General's Office refuses to update criminal proceedings against Mikhail Gorbachov over January 20

Russian Prosecutor General
# 19 January 2013 12:29 (UTC +04:00)

At the beginning of last year Russian Citizens Union sued Mikhail Gorbachov over the collapse of the Soviet Union, order to kill 132 in Baku within a day and manslaughters in Vilnius and Tbilisi.

Appeal was also made to the Investigation Committee under the Prosecutor General's Office for updating the criminal proceedings against Mikhail Gorbachov. In response to the appeal, the Prosecutor General's Office said there is no ground to institute criminal proceedings against Mikhail Gorbachov. It was also said that to institute criminal procedings against Mikhail Gorbachov requires the demand of the relevant law-enforcement bodies.

Following this, Russian Citizens Union appeal was made to the director of Russian Federal Security Service Bortnikov for updating the criminal proceedings against Gorbachov.

The court hearing on Russian Citizens Union's appeal has been underway for a year. Head of Moscow department of the union Aleksandr Kurinov told APA's Moscow correspondent that Moscow Appeals Court is considering the case.

“We will go till the end. If we fail to achieve results, we will appeal to the European Court. We want legal assessment to be given on Gorbachov's activity. We do not want the person, who destroyed a giant state, broke the oath of the USSR President, caused mischief of millions of people of the Soviet Union" to be called "outstanding public figure", so, we will go till the end," he said.

Criminal proceedings were instituted against Mikhail Gorbachov by the department chief at USSR Prosecutor's Office Viktor Ilyukhin in 1991. The criminal proceedings were halted after he quitted.