7 servicemen of Armenian army attempting to commit subversive action on frontline killed, 4 wounded last week - EXCLUSIVE

7 servicemen of Armenian army attempting to commit subversive action on frontline killed, 4 wounded last week  - <span style="color: red;">EXCLUSIVE
# 14 February 2013 13:07 (UTC +04:00)

Baku.- APA. 7 servicemen of the Armenian army attempting to commit subversive action on the frontline were killed and 4 wounded during the last week. According to information that APA obtained from its military sources, the Armenian army was active in various directions of the frontline early in February. As a result of the effective measures taken in response to the firing on the villages and civilians of Azerbaijan by Armenian armed units on the state border– in the directions of Tovuz and Kazakh, the enemy was neutralized in the aforementioned directions.

Last week, subversive groups of the Armenian army twice attempted to intrude into the Azerbaijani Army’s positions in Kazakh-Tovuz direction and twice on Karabakh frontline - in the directions of Aghdam and Khojavand.

As a result of it, 7 Armenian servicemen (one killed on Karabakh frontline - Terter) were killed, 4 wounded. The number of snipers of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces has been increased to prevent the enemy’s actions.

“All seven, who were killed, were contract servicemen. How and under which conditions they were killed has been recorded with all details. Due to the situation, our frontline servicemen were tasked to kill the enemy at a moment’s notice,” – the source told.

The Armenian army was most active in north Gazakh-Tovuz and in the direction of Karabakh Aghdam-Terter-Khojavand regions. The attempt made by the enemy several times in the northern direction last week to extend positions through digging was prevented.

The source also noted that recently, the Armenian Defense Ministry is bringing civil equipments in Kazakh and Tovuz from the surrounding villages for fortification works and excavations on the frontline. The Azerbaijani side has already informed OSCE representative on this. Otherwise, the enemy has been warned that the equipments deployed on frontline for military purposes will be destroyed.

“Armenian Defense Ministry has officially reported that a serviceman was killed, another wounded this month. We get information about the losses immediately through our channels. Armenian Defense Ministry has officially banned it. Combat losses are hidden under car accidents and other accidents.” the source said.

“Armenian Defense Ministry will possibly try to hide the fact that happened on Tovuz-Berd border at 10.30 on February 11. We would like to mention how the vehicles of the commander of the military unit of the Armenian Army and his deputies were shot at a distance of 1300 meters. Those high-ranking officials fled in the presence of civilians. The video showing the vehicle overturned, two injured can be posted on the internet,” the source said.

Azerbaijan is reportedly going to publicize the names of the servicemen, who were killed during provocations on the frontline, but hidden by the Armenian Army. It will be publicized when they were killed, to which military unit they belonged. The report will be likely released late in February.

Military sources told APA that along with the attempts of provocation in the center of the frontline, work has intensified in Khojaly airport. The equipment, communication and radar systems are being tested at the airport.

“According to various channels, flight to Khojaly airport is planned for February 20. In all cases the attempts of provocation will be prevented.”

Ceasefire was violated more than 60 times on the frontline on February 5-13, a third of the ceasefire violations was recorded in the direction of Aghdam. The number of the ceasefire violations recorded on February 5-13 has doubled compared to the same month of the previous years.

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