Opening of Zangazur corridor will be a key factor for general stability in South Caucasus – Russian MFA

Mikhail Galuzin, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister

© APA | Mikhail Galuzin, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister

# 09 October 2023 11:28 (UTC +04:00)

Opening of the Zangazur corridor will be a key factor for general stability in the South Caucasus, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Galuzin told RBC, APA reports.

According to him, this corridor, which will connect Azerbaijan and Nakhchivan, will contribute to the economic development of all South Caucasus states.

"But we believe that we are actively helping our Azerbaijani and Armenian partners to reach an agreement regarding the opening of transport communications between Armenia and Azerbaijan, or rather, the creation of the Mehri route that will connect the main territory of Azerbaijan with Nakhchivan. After all, we are talking about the railway passing through the territory of Armenia, that’s why I give myself a permission to use the name Mehri route… Yes, in Azerbaijan, it is called Zangazur Corridor. Let's say that this formula satisfies everyone. We believe that this agreement will be a very important factor for the overall stability in the South Caucasus. This will contribute to the economic development of all South Caucasus states, because in this case, there will be an opportunity for Armenia to become a transport and logistics center, to strengthen and expand transport relations with Azerbaijan, Türkiye, and Russia. Azerbaijan will have the opportunity to get a continuous rhythmic transport interrelation between the two parts of the country. The overall stabilization of the situation in the South Caucasus will serve to strengthen the basis of trust between Armenia and Azerbaijan for future. That’s why we are determined to continue these consultations within the framework of trilateral working group,” the Russian diplomat noted.

Galuzin has also answered questions regarding the fear that the new war might broke out in Armenia over Zangazur Corridor after Garabagh and how to solve the contradictions between Baku and Yerevan. He noted that these might only be solved with continuing the talks and finding mutually acceptable solutions from a theoretical point of view: “As a practical matter, we believe that the meeting of the tripartite working group, chaired by the deputy heads of government from each side, should continue. Of course, everything should be done within the framework of the international law. But as for the fear and the possibility of any military operation you noted, Russia believes it desirable to solve all the problems by political and diplomatic ways,” the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister concluded.