Azerbaijan's MFA hosts a briefing for representatives of the diplomatic corps regarding the latest situation on the Lachin road

# 15 December 2022 21:54 (UTC +04:00)

On December 15, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a briefing for representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited in Azerbaijan with the participation of Minister Jeyhun Bayramov, APA reports.

During the briefing, Minister J. Bayramov pointed out that the situation that caused the protest action of the representatives of the Azerbaijani civil society and environmental activists on the Shusha-Lachin road during the last few days has not been resolved yet.

It was brought to the attention of the minister that Azerbaijan does not impose any restrictions on the movement of cars on the Lachin road, and that the movement is regulated by the previous rules. It was stated that the Azerbaijani protestors had no intention of stopping the traffic along the road, but rather that they were ready to facilitate the movement of civilian vehicles, especially ambulances.

Noting that the claims that the current situation could lead to a humanitarian crisis are exaggerated, the minister pointed out that the Azerbaijani side is always ready to meet the humanitarian needs of the Armenian residents living in our territories.

Minister J. Bayramov reported that the Azerbaijani side has taken steps to promote dialogue with local Armenian residents. In this regard, contacts with local Armenian residents were discussed within the framework of the joint steps taken regarding the construction of the Lachin road and the use of the Sarsang water reservoir.

At the meeting, since December 3 of the current year, a team consisting of experts from the relevant state institutions held negotiations with the command of the peacekeeping contingent regarding the illegal exploitation of mineral deposits in the territories of Azerbaijan, where the Russian peacekeeping contingent is temporarily stationed, and the resulting environmental and other consequences. It was reported that the visit of Azerbaijani representatives was obstructed.

It was pointed out that the ongoing protest action is the result of the legitimate dissatisfaction of the Azerbaijani public against illegal activities, and that Azerbaijan is actually trying to resolve its concerns through dialogue.

During the speech, the Minister, commenting on the spread of misinformation about the Azerbaijani side stopping the supply of blue fuel in the areas where Russian peacekeepers are temporarily stationed, informed the participants of the briefing that the gas supply in the said areas is carried out by Armenia and that those areas are not integrated into the gas supply system of our country. In addition, he pointed out that the Azerbaijani side is ready for dialogue in the direction of eliminating the problem, as before, even in the event of any technical failure.

Minister J. Bayramov said that our country consistently draws the attention of the international community to the implementation of the Trilateral Declaration, including the gross and open violation of the use of the Lachin road by Armenia. He spoke about the abuse of the Lachin road for illegal military activities, the transfer of mines, and the illegal visits of foreign citizens, as well as the serious consequences of the existing mine threat, in gross violation of the Trilateral Declaration of Armenia. He emphasized that since the end of the Patriotic War of 2020, 276 of our citizens have suffered from mine explosions, and 35 of the 46 killed were civilians.

Despite the provision of detailed information on the issue by Azerbaijan, the minister emphasized that the reactions given by the foreign ministers of some countries were biased and pointed out that such steps are not aimed at solving the existing problems, but rather encourage those who want to continue the illegal exploitation of natural resources in the sovereign territories of Azerbaijan.

The minister called for the support of steps promoted by Azerbaijan for the reintegration of local Armenian residents in the territory of Azerbaijan.

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