Azerbaijani MFA: EU's statement on detention of dozens of people, false

Azerbaijani MFA: EU
# 20 October 2019 20:31 (UTC +04:00)

"The statement of the European Union on the detention of dozens of people is not true," said the head of the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Leyla Abdullayeva while commenting on the EU statement on the protest action of the National Council in Baku, on October 19, APA reports.

L. Abdullayeva noted that most of the people who held an illegal rally were released after official warning: "Freedom of assembly is ensured in Azerbaijan. The meeting of the National Council on October 8 with the participation of 50 people in the area between the Baku City Executive Power and the administrative buildings of the Azerbaijan State Economic University has been agreed with Baku City Executive Power. Nevertheless, they have actually attempted to march in the area. The appeal of the National Council in connection with the rally on October 19 from 3 pm to 5 pm was reviewed by the Baku City Executive Power. According to the 2 part of the 3rd Paragraph of Article 9 of the Law on Freedom of Assembly, since holding rallies in the metropolitan protected areas is not allowed, the Baku Executive Power offered the training center of Neftchi Sports Club located at May 28 street, Lokbatan settlement. However, there was an attempt to hold an illegal rally in the central part of the city. ”

The head of the Foreign Ministry's press service said that the police prevented an illegal action: "Police showed strong and cultural behavior, and no one was injured. It would be good for the EU to look at today's events in Barcelona, including the use of rubber bullets by police, beatings of the media, and excessive use of violence against religious demonstrators. Police brutality against protesters in France over the months has exceeded all human standards. Eleven people were killed and thousands were injured. There are people who have lost their eyes and have been injured. Unfortunately, in these cases, double standards apply. The cultural behavior of the police is undermined. The European Union is turning a blind eye to what is on its nose. It cannot be allowed to speak with Azerbaijan in this language and style.”