Turkish diplomat: “Terrorism became an Armenian tradition” - INTERVIEW - PHOTOSESSION

Turkish diplomat: “Terrorism became an Armenian tradition” - <font color=red>INTERVIEW - PHOTOSESSION</font>
# 11 September 2012 11:55 (UTC +04:00)
Istanbul. Mayis Alizadeh – APA. Turkish former diplomat, the author of books on Armenian problem Bilal Shimshir gives an interview to APA.

-Can we see the roots of Armenian terrorist policy against Turkey and Azerbaijan?

-According to the 61 article of Berlin treaty, Europe demanded security for the Armenians living in Ottoman Empire, as if reforms must be implemented concerning this issue. Actually, this was one of the first steps towards the division plan of Ottoman Empire. Then 6 provinces of Azerbaijan were called “West Armenia”. The area of our provinces was rather big at that time, only the total territory of Sivas province of turkey was about 60 thousands sq km which is equal to the territory of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg. According to the agreement signed in 1978, Russia added the territory of Gars into its territory, if we consider Gars as well, Armenia demanded us to give them the territory with the total area of more than 300 sq km. The area that Armenians tried to obtain from Ottoman Empire in order to create its independent state was equal to 30% of the territory of modern Turkish Republic. Those provinces were Sivas, Arzurum, Van, Diyarbekir, Bitlis and Elazig. It was The Western powers and Russia who stood behind that plan made thanks to the Berlin treaty. Special reforms were demanded in 6 of the western Ottoman Empire’s provinces then. And after the fight on the Balkans we lost our 6 western provinces. The method of imperialists is to show the way to Armenians and Macedonians, to demand reforms form the above mentioned countries and in order to reach their goal, establish “Hinchak” and “Dashnak” organizations for Armenians. Then in 1890 they create 2 more organization for Macedonians. Those Armenian and Macedonian organizations have split a lot of blood since 1912. I want to remind all of these facts, as such games being played either in Anatoly or in Rumelin are the essence of the problem, and the same game are being continued against Turkey even nowadays. Terrorism is a tradition of Armenian organizations. I don’t want to link this fact with all Armenians, but they are of the same root, the blood in their vessel showed itself 100 years before, shows itself now and might show in the future.

- How do you think what is the main reason of the problem?

-Armenians demonstrate the terrorists to the next generations as the heroes. They erect their monuments and grew their children as future terrorists. I’d like to give a distinct model. The Serbian police detained the terrorist Levonyan who killed Galib Balkar, Our ambassador to Belgrade in 1983 but soon he was freed thanks to their usual tricks.Terrorist Levonyan, who killed our ambassador to Belgrade Galib Balkari in 1983, and the other Serbian terrorist were arrested by police, but Armenian built such plan that the police were forced to release them. At present Levonyan is a shopkeeper in Yerevan. The murderer of our ambassador teaches Armenian students about his “heroism”. Of course those students learning from he is going to be the terrorists like him. Armenians committed suicide against our padishah in 1905 in Istanbul and making an explosion in a coach they killed 27 people. Unfortunately, we forgot those facts. In 1970 Armenian restarted their terror acts against Turkish diplomats, some journalists wrote that not Armenian but Greece’s EOKA terrorist organization committed that crime.ASALA made statements that we killed the Turkish diplomats, but some our journalists said that Greeks did it to divert attention from the main target. Our press became wiser after our ambassador to Paris Ismail Erezi’s death. We mustn’t forget anything, because the enemy never forgets.

-20 percent of Azerbaijani territories have been under occupation for 25 years, our million people were exiled. At present, ASALA started threatening the Azerbaijani diplomats abroad, what would you like to speak about it?

-More than 30 diplomats and their relatives were killed as a result of the Armenian terror. These terrorists have been operating mainly in the Western countries. The Armenian terrorists gained “success” thanks to the help of West. If a Turkish beats anyone in the West, the police will immediately detain him. But why they couldn’t find Armenians, who killed the Turkish diplomats is still unknown. There is also “Christianity-Islam” problem, unfortunately Christian west defends Armenians. If each of our diplomats shot any Armenian diplomat, the world would be changed upside down. We should be attentive and not to forget the terrorist traditions of Armenia. They tried to kill Ismer Pasha in Lozano conference, but they couldn’t. Member of the Turkish delegation participated in the Lozano peace negotiations Rza Nur has such an expression: “A conspiracy is a delicacy for Armenians.”

-How did Turkey fight against the Armenian terror in during 1975 and 1985?

- At first we confused when our diplomats became the target of terror. The first conspiracy was organized against our consul in Los-Angeles Mehmet Baydar in 1973. Our ambassador to Vienna and Paris were killed behind their working table on October 22, 1985. I was a chargé d’affaires of our ambassador to the Netherlands, armored vehicles was given the ambassadors, but the terrorist were killed our ambassador’s sun.
No other nation has such terrorism “ability,” therefore we must never forget this. Now we have a martyr’s avenue for martyr’s diplomats in Ankarawe remembered our martyrs gathering in the cemetery on Martyrs’ day”, in early May every year. The current government made a new law; they decided to hold “Martyrs’ day” only once a year. Municipality of Ankara called me and said that they would open a photo exhibition to the memory of martyrs at the entrance of Kizilay underground, and wanted to have there photos. I gave. When the exhibition opened I saw that there isn’t any word about killing of our diplomats by Armenian terrorists. Well, who killed our diplomats? Where did our diplomats kill? It must be the most important cause for us to deliver to our nation that Armenian terrorists killed them. Minister of Foreign Affairs also came to the exhibition; he didn’t say any word on killing of our diplomats by Armenian terrorists in his speech. When we do like this we think that Armenians will be friend with us, but we don’t understand that in this way we promote Armenians to be more frantic to us. The principles of our foreign policy were very clear and precise in Ataturk’s time: for establishing diplomatic relation with any country we firstly eliminated the problems between two countries then signed treaty of friendship. After the SovietUnion’s liquidation I was chief of department in MFA on these regions, Azerbaijan was the first country we recognized, we never recognized Armenia, if there was such topic about the recognition of Armenia, one of the conditions of my recognition was to put forward the condition to give Levonyan to Turkey who killed our diplomat Galib Balkar, and demanded to liquidate and strongly condemn ASALA terrorist organization. After liquidation of Soviet Union Armenia was the only country who assailed its neighbors. Turkey makes rabid Armenia moving gently. Azerbaijan fights well abroad, I get joyful news. Our enemy is the same, our embassies abroad, and scientists must try together between countries.

You talked on the ASALA terrorism organization going unpunished in the West; did all the countries put them unpunished?

-Sweden punished, Yugoslavia caught the terrorists, but couldn’t punish them. Other countries made rabid Armenian terrorists acting more tolerant. Some Armenians who held terrorism actions during Ottoman period went unpunished. But the Armenians who held terrorism actions during Republican era were punished. Armenian called Ekmekciyan in Lebanon was put to death for holding terrorism action in Ankara airport. I wrote about Armenian terrorists who killed our diplomats and went unpunished in my 2 volume book “Martyr Diplomats”. Armenians because of staying without state can gather around the churches, small associations and committees in those countries, ASALA terrorism proved that poor Armenians of Lebanon are used on this issues. A lot of migrants have settled in America since the second half of 21 century. We are the nation who has a state leader. We have a flag, places, and soldiers are our pride. But Armenians do not have all of these. Ataturk has a very remarkable statement: “Ladies and gentlemen! There is no sign of “Great Armenia” which intended to control over Trabzon in the East and Adana in the South. Armenians accepted those territories as their own.” And today we should demand Armenia to return back to its own territories and stop invading Azerbaijani territories. Using its power in abroad Azerbaijan should press Armenia to go back to its own border. No one could accept if the 20 percent of Turkish territories was under invasion. Azerbaijan should remind it to the countries which continue to defend Armenia. In the other hand, your journalists should put strict questions before the representatives of those countries. They should ask them what they would do if their territories were also under invasion. Armenians always cause problem everywhere they live. That is why all countries want to get rid off them. Today Armenians hope West will help them to settle in Turkish areas as it did before.

You know well that these demands will be stricter till 2015.

- Armenians’ target is not only Azerbaijan but also Turkey. That is why Turkey and Azerbaijan should join there efforts against Armenia. These two countries should be more powerful if struggle together. We should thoroughly investigate the suicide Armenians committed against us and show our future generations. I am 80 years old now. “Armenian problem in English quarries” (4 tomes in English), “Armenian problem in French quarries” (4 tomes in French),”Our martyr diplomats” (2 tomes), “Armenian problem” and etc. From now on, our main goal should be growing young Azerbaijanis who would devote themselves to study such problems. Our nation is great and hard working and no doubt that our people should overcome any problem. The future generation should do their best and show the Azerbaijani realities to the whole world.

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