Ramiz Mirzeyev not to resign voluntarily

Ramiz Mirzeyev not to resign voluntarily
# 26 April 2007 15:51 (UTC +04:00)
Mirzeyev noted that some try very hard for him to resign.
“I was not chosen AFFA president with own will. There are some procedures here. Some impose pressures on me through newspapers and TV channels”, he said.
Mirzeyev stated that coach and players’ staff are responsible for Azerbaijan – Armenia matches scheduled for September.
“I am not going to play for them. National team may win, as well as lose the game. AFFA doesn’t take the responsibility for the matches. Everything depends on coach and players’ staff”, he said.
AFFA president condemned the clubs for indifference towards child football.
“Capital clubs talked very much about the development of child football but didn’t take any steps. These clubs have no field or camp. They are obliged to rent the stadiums”, he said.
Mirzeyev noted Neftchi may be removed from its camp and stadium.
“The camp Neftchi trains in belongs to State Oil Company. Neftchi will be removed from the camp if Rovneg Abdullayev is dismissed from head of State Oil Company. That’s why we all try that each club will have a camp and stadium”, he underscored. /APA-Sport/