World Bank announced plan for new project in Azerbaijan

World Bank announced plan for new project in Azerbaijan
# 03 June 2021 11:54 (UTC +04:00)

The World Bank has announced a comprehensive plan for the Azerbaijan COVID-19 Emergency Response Project, designed to detect, prevent and respond to the threats posed by the COVID-19 pandemic in Azerbaijan, the World Bank told APA-Economics.

This subcomponent will provide immediate support to the Republic of
Azerbaijan to prevent the spread and facilitate the management of COVID-19 by financing:
• Top-up payments for health workers providing exceptional services for COVID-19 patients during the COVID-19 surges;
• Medical supplies, devices and equipment for the evaluation, treatment and monitoring of COVID-19
patients. This may include limited renovations, if needed, to operationalize additional ICU beds, for
five hospitals, and support to laboratories;
• Infection prevention and control protocols for healthcare workers in hospital settings;
• Risk communications to support continued social distancing and public health measures to limit the
spread of the epidemic.
Subcomponent 1.2: Health systems strengthening. This subcomponent will support health
systems strengthening, recognizing the impact of COVID-19 on current and future needs, given
Azerbaijan’s existing disease profile, by financing:
• Guidelines and protocols for health care workers to support the identification and treatment COVID19, and related comorbidities such as cardiovascular disease.
• Equipment and supplies in primary health care facilities for data reporting, analysis, and dissemination
for the treatment of patients with COVID-19 risk factors. Strengthening e-health capabilities in
primary health care facilities will better enable patients with NCDs to benefit from integrated care
between primary and specialist facilities, both during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and in the
• Maintenance services for medical equipment across hospitals.
Component 2. Temporary Income Support for Vulnerable Families/Individuals

13. Subcomponent 2.1: Temporary cash transfers for vulnerable families. This subcomponent will finance transfers delivered through the existing TSA program procedures4 and delivery system to support the increased need for social assistance because of the pandemic. The Project will use the existing online application system and follow the material and household conditions verification process through MLSPP and local branches of the State Social Protection Fund. The project will finance benefits for newly eligible 47,000 households for three months with an AZN 225 (approximately USD 132) monthly allowance.
14. Subcomponent 2.2: Unemployment cash benefit. This subcomponent will finance one-time cash payment of AZN 190 (approximately USD 111) for 170,000 citizens who have become unemployed and
are registered as unemployed with the State Employment Service. The GoA allocated a monthly allowance of AZN 190 to 600,000 unemployed citizens from April to June 2020. 5 The assistance covered formal and informal workers who lost their job because of the economic downturn resulting from the measures adopted to contain the outbreak. This subcomponent will finance the payment for 170,000 unemployed people among 600,000 unemployed citizens who received the assistance
Component 3. Project Implementation Management and Monitoring
This component will also finance performance audits focusing on key project activities, which will be carried out by an external auditor.
Project timeline. Most activities, including the social protection measures, will be financed and completed in the first six to nine months of project implementation. Some of the health measures, particularly those pertaining to the strengthening of the health system to respond to future pandemics, may take longer to implement. Also, future waves of COVID-19 are likely to occur as new variants emerge. As a result, a two-year timeline has been established for the Project.

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