Bosnia urged to accept EU's 'door' of opportunities

Bosnia urged to accept EU
# 17 January 2015 02:17 (UTC +04:00)

Baku-APA. U.K.’s Secretary of State Philip Hammond and German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier have said Bosnia’s chances to join the European Union depended on its leaders, APA reports quoting Anadolu Agency.

In a speech to members of Bosnia and Herzegovina's House of Representatives Friday, Hammond stressed on the importance of rule of law, stable economy and new job opportunities.

"If the government makes the right steps towards the development of the country, make sure we will respond to it. Now, it is time to use the opportunity that the EU offers and achieve stability in the Balkans," he said.

"Since my last visit, Bosnia's perspective has changed, new doors opened and the reforms and policy to be followed are determined. In December, the EU prepared the necessary prerequisites for becoming a member of the EU. Please accept this opportunity and come in the door opened to you," Hammond said.

Steinmeier stressed that Bosnia's political authorities needed to listen to the demands and needs of their citizens.

He also said that citizens of the country wanted to exit the economic recession and desired an improvement of their social and economic status. He added that the biggest problems of the country were corruption and unemployment.

He also added that the EU would support Bosnia and Herzegovina’s membership.

"We are ready to support the path of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the EU, but Bosnia must pass this way by itself. Responsibility is in your hands. The first steps have already been taken. Now, we want a joint work from all political authorities to be effective in next few years in the country," Steinmeier said.

On the other hand, the German minister said his country was viewed as "Europe's wound" in the past, but through political efforts, this period was overcome. He also noted that Bosnia had many potentials, especially tourism to overcome its current situation.