UK to make laughing gas illegal by end of year

UK to make laughing gas illegal by end of year
# 05 September 2023 20:02 (UTC +04:00)

Laughing gas will be categorised as a class C drug and made illegal by the end of the year, the UK government has announced, APA reports citing BBC.

Possession of nitrous oxide, also known as NOS, will carry a sentence of up to two years in prison.

Laughing gas is one of the most commonly used recreational drugs by 16 to 24-year-olds.

Heavy use can lead to a range of illnesses including nerve-related symptoms.

Supply of nitrous oxide for recreational use is currently banned - but possession is not.

The government initially announced its plan to ban nitrous oxide earlier this year as part of a plan to tackle anti-social behaviour, but on Tuesday set out new details of the implementation of the law change.

It said those found in unlawful possession of the drug could face up to two years in prison or an unlimited fine, with up to 14 years for supply or production.

However, there will be exemptions for legitimate uses of nitrous oxide, for example in medical or catering industries. The gas is commonly used as a painkiller and for producing whipped cream in cooking.

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