Putin wanted to see less NATO, achieved the opposite- Stoltenberg

Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General

© APA | Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General

# 04 April 2023 13:55 (UTC +04:00)

"President Putin wanted to see less NATO on his borders, but he achieved the opposite," NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told journalists before the meeting of Foreign Ministers of the Alliance, APA reports citing NATO.

Jens Stoltenberg said that President Putin aimed to get less NATO: "He wanted NATO to remove our forces, our structures from all Allies that have joined after 1997 meaning all Allies in Central Eastern Europe and he wanted NATO to make it absolutely clear that NATO's door was closed for any new membership."

"He's getting the exact opposite, he’s getting more NATO presence in eastern parts of the Alliance, and he's getting two new members with Finland and Sweden. I'm absolutely confident that Sweden will also become a member," Jens Stoltenberg added.