NATO accession looks to be 'not a priority' for Sweden, Hungary says

Hungarian Minister of Prime Minister

© APA | Hungarian Minister of Prime Minister's Office and Jurist Gergely Gulyas

# 18 January 2024 17:55 (UTC +04:00)

Sweden has not done anything to boost confidence in its suitability for NATO membership, and has given the impression that joining the alliance is not a priority for the country, an aide to Hungary's prime minister said on Thursday, APA reports citing Reuters.

Sweden was "not taking any steps to strengthen trust in order for our relationship to become one of allies and friends", Gergely Gulyas, Orban's chief of staff, told a briefing.

"This relationship is one of allies legally right now, but it cannot be considered friendly, thus I need to conclude that it is not a priority for Sweden to join NATO quickly at all today."

Gulyas suggested that Sweden's foreign minister or prime minister should "get in touch and ask what concerns the Hungarian parliament has" about Sweden's NATO accession.

He said Hungary wanted to avoid being the last country to ratify Sweden's NATO accession, but "we will probably not manage to do so without Sweden's help. Why should it be important to me if it is not important to Sweden?" - the diplomat added.

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