Chairman of Caledonian Union sends an open letter to Macron, putting forward demands

Chairman of Caledonian Union sends an open letter to Macron, putting forward demands
# 15 December 2023 18:24 (UTC +04:00)

Chairman of Caledonian Union, press secretary of FNKLS Daniel Goa sent an open letter to the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, APA reports.

The letter emphasizes France's sovereignty in Caledonia since the year 1853.

It is reported that people deliberately transferred to Caledonia by the French government do not recognize them as a people: "For you, democracy is a right to choose, but for us, democracy is the respect for traditional tribal values.

France will not serve as an example for us. Your policies are designed to suit our interests. However, you will not be able to destroy us. The time will come when we will stand against you.

You are not fulfilling the obligations you undertook in the document you signed in 1957 regarding the decolonization of our territories.

The President of France says one thing but takes opposite actions.

Democracy demands that you leave the country you have illegally occupied."

The letter also emphasizes that decolonization is a fundamental human right, a demand for justice, humanity, and democracy: "France will never have power in the Pacific region, including New Caledonia, French Polynesia, as well as Wallis and Futuna. Because these countries do not belong to you.

You attempt to change our society with force. Remember that your colonialism has been realized through murder, betrayals, looting, theft, disrespect towards us, the displacement of our population, the confiscation of our freedom, our forced exile, and the diseases you brought that have led to our destruction."

"France loots our natural resources and sells them at a high price.

The open letter also puts forward demands against France:


Return our dignity to ourselves, as this is the demand of the human rights you boast about;

Give us back our freedom, as this is the demand of humanity;

Decolonize us, as this is the restoration of historical justice."