Borrel speaks about Russia's reduction of gas export: "We discuss alternative opportunities"

Josep Borrell, EU Foreign Affairs Representative

© APA | Josep Borrell, EU Foreign Affairs Representative

# 18 July 2022 12:42 (UTC +04:00)

"The most concerning issue in the world today is the food shortage, and the reason why we are facing this crisis is Russia's blockade, which prevents the export of Ukrainian grain to the global market," Josep Borrell, European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy told journalists before the meeting of the European Union Foreign Affairs Council, APA reports.

EU Special Representative has also spoken about Russia's reduction of gas export to the EU: "We knew that Russia will use gas export as a weapon against Europe and it does this, reduces the volume of the exported gas, but we discuss the alternative opportunities. Discussions will be held at the European Commission on July 20. We will not stop supporting Ukraine because of what Russia has done. There are risks and the European Commission is discussing these issues in order to be ready for any situation."