Lech Walesa: “The European Union is not ready to receive all countries aspiring for membership”- PHOTO

Lech Walesa: “The European Union is not ready to receive all countries aspiring for membership”- <font color=red>PHOTO</font>
# 26 May 2010 07:39 (UTC +04:00)
Walesa said there was different approach to the Eastern Partnership Program and it needed to search other forms of cooperation, but not membership.

Speaking about the energy cooperation between Azerbaijan and Poland, Walesa said the world was trying to realign powers. The partnership relations are strengthened in the world and just these principles should play leading role in sphere of cooperation. “The various institutions are established and the market will solve everything and show what the natural resources contain”.

Answering the question about the associative membership of the South Caucasus countries to the European Union, Walesa said these countries belonged to the contemporary world. “May be the time will come when there will not be notions of Europe and Asia on the map. My father was killed during the World War II. He wouldn’t believe if he was told that borders between Poland and Germany would be removed and soldiers wouldn’t guard them”.

While mentioning the Western support to Ukraine and Belarus in the field of democracy, Lech Walesa said the Europe had enough own problems. “Ukraine and Belarus must themselves solve their problems, we can only assist them. Belarus is completely depending on Russia and Russia has an opportunity to pressure on this country in the field of energy. In this case, the Europe can not support Belarus in this issue. The Europe must be more powerful to support Belarus. But it can not imagine Europe without Belarus and Ukraine”.

Answering the question about his versions of Lech Kaczynski’s plane crash over Smolensk, Russia, Walesa said he didn’t agree with the ideas of majority. “I have my own ideas, but I can not declare it because the investigation is not completed. This incident shouldn’t take place if those politicians thought about before embarkment. I told you as much as I can. I am ready to share my ideas after the investigation”.

Answering the question about the chances of presidential candidates in Poland, Walesa said he would vote for Bronislaw Komorowski.
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