Azpetrol not to reduce price of Permium gasoline

Azpetrol not to reduce price of Permium gasoline
# 14 January 2015 12:25 (UTC +04:00)

Baku. Musa Ahmadov - APA-Economics. Azpetrol will not review the price of Premium gasoline as it has been imported, company’s press service told APA-Economics.

According to new decision of Tariff Council, the retail sale price of AI-92 gasoline will be AZN 0.70, diesel – AZN 0.60 and liquid gas – AZN 0.40 from 00:00, January 15. However, premium gasoline will be sold for AZN 0.95 as previous. If the price of premium gasoline falls in the near future, we‘ll also reduce the price and give information to the media”, company said.

On January 13, Azpetrol reviewed retail sale price of premium gasoline due to global oil price falling and reduced its price from AZN 0.95 to AZN 0.93.

According to “law on amendments to the Tax Code dated to December 30, 2014, AZN 0.02 road tax has been added to the price of fuel and premium gasoline price made AZN 0.95 for 1 lt from January 13, 2015.

Under the instructions of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, the Tariff (price) Council held an extraordinary meeting on January 14. The Council reviewed the prices of oil products and passed a decision on regulating tariffs.

The decision #1 of the Tariff Council on regulating tariffs of oil products within the country dated to January 12, 2015 has been cancelled.

Retail sale price of AI-92 gasoline was determined as AZN 0.70 for 1 lt, diesel fuel – AZN 0.60 fpr 1 lt, by imposing AZN 0.02 road tax for each lt of AI-92 gasoline, diesel and liquid gas, which were produced in the country and directed to the consumption, through reduction of intra-company tariffs

At the same time, wholesale price of liquid gas was reduced from AZN 300 for 1 ton to AZN 263.6 and whole sale price, including road tax, was determined as AZN 300 for 1 ton.