Advocate Ikram Shirinov: We hope that the Appeals Court will consider the case objectively

Advocate Ikram Shirinov: We hope that the Appeals Court will consider the case objectively
# 22 January 2007 12:36 (UTC +04:00)
The advocate said that Ramil Safarov appealed to the court for permitting Azerbaijani advocates to participate in the trial while the case will be considered in the Court of Appeals.
“Ramil Safarov’s petition was granted and the Azerbaijani advocates are officially permitted to participate in the trail while the appeal will be considered,� he said.
Shirinov said they met with Ramil Safarov and his Hungarian advocates (the advocates protecting his rights both in the death case, and the criminal case concerning the jailers). The chairman of the Bar Azer Tagiyev also participated in both meetings. The issues on the decisions of the court and appeals filed against the decisions were discussed during their meeting.
“The decision of the court on the criminal case concerning the incident between Ramil Safarov and jailers of detention ward has not been worked out officially and presented to him. According to the Hungarian legislation this can last for 2-3 months. According to the statement of Ramil’s Hungarian advocate, both Prosecutor’s Office and defense side will appeal against the decision orally when it is declared. Official appeal will be presented after the judgment is received. The case may be reconsidered in June or in September�, he said.
The advocate met with Ramil Safarov twice. He said that his detention condition and health state is well.
“He is treated very well there. He has familiarized with case materials and protocols of the trials, and put down 38-paged notes. We are planning to add them to the appeal. We discussed with him the organization of defense in the court. The issues were also discussed with Hungarian advocates. We are claiming that the judgment doesn’t reflect the truth. It is based on subjective considerations, but not in facts. We hope that the Appeals Court will consider the case objectively�, he said.
Shirinov noted that the next visit to Hungary will be 3-4 days before the trial according to the preliminary agreement. But he doesn’t rule out the visit during this period. Advocate Elmar Kerimov is also the representative of Ramil’s families and Defense Ministry. Shirinov said that Elmar couldn’t go to Hungary because of some problems in health.
“He may participate in other visits. There is a court notification permitting Elmar Kerimov to meet with Ramil Safarov and participate in the trial�, he said.
Hungarian advocate Georg Madjar defends Ramil’s rights and advocate Clara Fisher defends on the case of jailers. /APA/
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