Suleyman Demirel: Turkish hostility unites world Armenians

Suleyman Demirel: Turkish hostility unites world Armenians
# 22 January 2007 09:15 (UTC +04:00)
-How do you estimate the situation concerning false “Armenian Genocide� which is in the focus of the U. S Congress?
- Actually, Turkish hostility unites all Armenians over the world. Armenians killed nearly 40 Turkish diplomats, thousands of Azeris in Nagorno Karabakh. Armenians has not left occupied Azerbaijani territories yet. No-one in the world sees it; they only see the events happened 90 years ago during war situation. The attempts of Armenians to claim Turks for genocide have not resulted well in the U.S Congress up to now. But now the draft law is expected to be approved. If the congress passes decision about the law, I hope it will not have any value, because, it is impossible to implement this law. This is social struggle, what will they achieve? I hope that the U.S president will prevent the approval of this draft law. At the present the president can only put veto to prevent the law. We are used to this kind of situations, but we should stand up and unite in case of injustice. It is not possible to solve this problem other way. Actually the politicians try to do the works that history can do. Politicians try to pass decision instead of history.
-Turkey Foreign Minister called Armenians problem the second issue threatening Turkey. What threat does he mean?
-The main threatening issue is to arouse social hostility against us in the world. Certainly, they harm Turkey. We can do nothing, but to overcome the problems.
-The government made some suggestions to Armenia on claims on false genocide, and these proposals did not result positively. What do you think of mitigation policy?
-Their aim is not to solve any problem; their goal is to continue their slander policy. Armenians suffer from slander disease.
–How Turkey and Azerbaijan should unite their power against Armenia?
- Azerbaijan and Turkey are one nation in two countries. We are always together and will continue our way together. I deliver my best regards to Azerbaijanis by your Agency. /APA/
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