Finalists of the I semifinal of "Eurovision-2010" held a press conference –PHOTO

Finalists of the I semifinal of "Eurovision-2010" held a press conference –<font color=red>PHOTO   </font>
# 26 May 2010 04:56 (UTC +04:00)
Oslo.Ulkar Gasimova-APA. 10 participant-finalists of the I semifinal of "Eurovision-2010" song contest which took place in the "Telenor Arana” concert saloon in Oslo held a press conference.

According to APA’s accredited correspondent in the contest, was allowed to ask only two question from finalists.

The representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina Vulkashin Bradzhich notified that will show good performance at the final. This country’s favorite is Belgian artist.

Representatives of the Moldovan Sunstroke Project & Olia Tira noted that they were so happy when they heard that they are finalist. “If we win the competition, we will sing that song on the roof of one of the tall buildings”.

Russian group "Peter Nalich and friends" said that people and flags in the scene gave them moral support. They liked the songs of artists from Belgium, and Belarus. Peter Naloich noted that his father is from the Balkans and it links him with Balkans.

One of the favorites of "Eurovision-2010" song contest Greek Giorgos Alkaidos noted that he were feeling happy while he was on stage. He said “The circumstances in Greece will not affect the popularity of my song. Although the crisis and economic problems my country is able to hold this contest on high level”.

Portuguese representative Philip Azevedo said “I am so happy that because of being finalist and I express my appreciation to my people for their support and confidence”.

Belarusian group "3 +2" expressed gratitude to the composer Masim
Fadeyev for song.

According to Serbian Milan Stankovic, all semi-finalists have shown excellent performance. “I am glad that I did not lost at the I semifinal”, he said.

Belgian representative Tom Dice said: “ Although I was so anxiously but at the scene I forgot all anxious. And I will try to gather more vote and to represent my country decently”.

Albanian representative Yuliana Pasha and Iceland representative Hera Bjork expressed their gratitude that the semifinal was luckily for them. And Iceland representative also told that Iceland never won the contest and would like to see the victory.

After each representative’s speech was determined sequence number of performance. At the final Bosnia and Herzegovinan representative will perform in the - 6th , Moldova - 4th, Russia - 20th , Greece – 11st , Portugal – 23rd , Belarus – 9th , Serbia -8th , Belgium – 7th, Albania -15th, Iceland – 16th row.

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