Timoshenko says Ukraine should join NATO

Timoshenko says Ukraine should join NATO
# 26 April 2014 21:31 (UTC +04:00)

In an interview with The Associated Press, excerpts from which were published on Saturday, April 26, Timoshenko, who is running for presidency in Ukraine, spoke of a “fundamental change” in public thinking following the latest events in the east of the country and Russia’s actions.

She believes that the mentality of Ukrainians has changed as has the strategic course of the country. “NATO is the best choice for Ukraine,” she said.

The Associated Press said Timoshenko had previously not supported the idea of Ukraine’s membership in NATO.

Also Timoshenko has urged her competitor Pyotr Poroshenko to revoke his proposal for talks with Russia.

“I want to stress once again that Pyotr Poroshenko’s proposal to the Russian Federation that Russia should determine the place and time of the talks is unacceptable. The negotiation process being conducted in the EU-US-Ukraine-Russia format may not be broken,” Timoshenko said in a statement published on her party’s official website on Saturday, April 26.

“If any of the politicians breaks the negotiation process now and breaks the tough sanctions imposed upon Russia, this will practically legalise the occupation of Crimea and acceptance of Russia’s ultimatums,” she said, adding, “This will basically mean capitulation.”

Timoshenko urged Poroshenko “not to break the negotiation process” and “to withdraw the proposal for a transition to such unclear bilateral negotiations”.

On Friday, April 25, Poroshenko, speaking at the “Ukraine-Russia: Dialogue” congress, asked Moscow “to name the place and time” for talks, while accusing Russia of being unwilling to implement the Geneva accord of April 17 which calls for de-escalation of tensions in Ukraine.

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