Sergei Lavrov: Washington fails 'to slap together' global anti-Russian coalition

Sergei Lavrov: Washington fails
# 27 February 2015 11:13 (UTC +04:00)

"Regardless of the unprecedented size of the campaign, Washington was unable to slap together a global anti-Russian coalition," Lavrov said in a speech at the Diplomatic Academy in Moscow.

Russia is maintaining equitable and mutually respectful dialogue on a wide range of issues with the overwhelming majority of states in the world, Lavrov said, adding that he saw "no objective reasons" for a new Cold War between Russia and Western nations.

"On the one hand, the Cold War was based on an uncompromising confrontation of ideologies. We have no contradicting ideologies at the moment, we follow the same principles in economy and politics, so no objective reasons for… the second edition of the Cold War," he told students.